1.1 The Complete name: “OL!” Azerbaijan Youth Movement. Shortened name: “OL!” movement, “OL!”. These names are equal.
1.2 “OL!” Movement is a union of independently thinking, progressive youth who want the development of Azerbaijan.
1.3 “OL!” Movement incorporates a variety of clubs that are organized according to the member’s interests and views.
1.4 “OL!” Movement acts in accordance with the laws of Republic of Azerbaijan, the Constitution and this Statute.

2.1 To establish independently thinking youth.
2.2 To encourage the active participation of youth in social processes and to increase their affect on social life.
2.3 To help youth to understand and protect their rights.
2.4 To develop a more independent and responsible youth.
2.5 To adapt youth to the modern standards of globalizing world.
2.6 To help youth in meeting their cultural, scientific and other non-material demands

3.1. To disseminate and develop the ideas of enlightened patriotism, solidarity and fraternity among youth.
3.2. To propagate democratic thinking and democratic life style and to ensure a proper place for these values in our society.
3.3. Giving the objective information about developing social processes in our society.
3.4. The creation of conditions for the united work of progress oriented youth.
3.5. The development of leadership skills among youth.
3.6. Educating youth.

4.1. Organization of debates on different topics.
4.2. Organization of different cultural events. (Concerts, plays and exhibitions)
4.3. Organization of sport contests.
4.4. Cooperation with mass media.
4.5. The development of different scientific tendencies among youth.
4.6. Carrying out ecological events. (Cleaning the streets, preserving the nature)
4.7. Conducting social and public opinion research.
4.8. Publication of educational material.
4.9. Conducting seminars, roundtable discussions and trainings.
4.10. Printing our own regular publications. (Newspaper, magazine, booklets, etc.)

5.1. A citizen of Azerbaijan who is at the age of 16, who accepts “OL!” Movement’s Statute and helps in carrying out its purposes and duties can become a member of “OL!” Movement.
5.2. “OL!” Movement sets no limitations on religion, mother tongue, sex or nationality of its members.
5.3. Membership to the “OL!” Movement is voluntary.
5.4. Membership to the “OL!” Movement starts according to the recommendation of 3 members and the confirmation of the membership by the Executive Board.
5.5. Each and every member of the “OL!” Movement has a right to leave the Movement whenever he/she wants. For that it is enough to notify the Executive Board in a written form.
5.6. Taking part in “OL!” Movement’s events is voluntary.
5.7. All initiatives within “OL!” Movement have equal rights to be considered. The initiator has a right to undertake the responsibility of carrying out his/her initiative after the consent of Executive Board.
5.8. “OL!” Movement members have the following rights:
- To take part in Movement’s activities in accordance with the rules in this Statute and other official documents;
- To elect and be elected in any elective body of the Movement;
- To take part in all events conducted by the Movement;
- To submit proposals about Movement’s activities for the general discussion. To participate actively in their realization;
- To criticise and get information about the activities of Executive Board and coordinators;
- To ask the Movement for assistance in the issues of self-interest preservation;
- To participate personally in the discussion of issues related to his rights and responsibilities;
5.9. The members of “OL!” Movement have the following responsibilities:
- To follow the Movement’s Statute;
- To follow the Code of Conduct of “OL!” Movement;
- To carry out the mutually agreed assignments given by Executive Board and coordinators;
- To help with personal activities in order to enhance the effectiveness of Movement’s work;
5.10. A member of the “OL!” Movement may be expelled if, he or she violates the Statute; his or her actions interfere with the OL!’s general purposes; he or she does not take part in events, actions and meetings of the Movement with out obvious reason. A member is expelled by the decision of three fourths of Executive Board present at the Board’s meeting.
5.11. The membership in “OL!” Movement is terminated due to following reasons:
- Voluntary expulsion from the Movement;
- Expulsion by the decision of the Executive Board.

6.1 The Conference, which is called for not less than twice a year, is the supreme ruling body of the Movement.
6.2 The Conference:
- Accepts the Movement’s Statute, makes changes and additions to it;
- Defines the main directions of Movement’s activities;
- Chooses the members of the Executive Board;
- Discusses the reports of Executive Board and other official functionaries;
- Can make a decision to stop or reorganize Movement’s activities.
6.3 The Conference decisions are made by the simple majority of votes.
6.4 Executive Board assembles the Conference twice a year: in February and in September. After the decision to assemble the Conference has been made, Executive Board notifies all of the members one month in prior to the Conference will take place. The Extraordinary Session of the Conference can be called by one third of the Movement’s members or two thirds of the Executive Board.
6.5 Executive Board leads all of the Movement’s activities during the time period between Conferences.
6.6 The meetings of Executive Board are held once a week. The extraordinary meetings of Executive Board are called on the initiative of one third of the members of Executive Board.
6.7 Executive Board:
- Chooses the Movement’s Executive Director among its members;
- Divides the responsibilities and positions within the Executive Board;
- Collegially manages all of Movement’s activities during the time periods between Conferences; - Accepts and exempts members from the Movement;
- Accepts the resignation of elective bodies and official functionaries within the Movement;
- Stops the authority of elective bodies and official functionaries who have violated the Statute;
- Confirms the statutes of clubs and entities within the Movement.
- Submits suggestions and project proposals for the general discussion;
- Confirms the Movement’s budget and schedule of activities;
- Takes decisions on carrying out actions and events;
- Gives the authority of representing the Movement;
- Gives statements from the Movement’s name;
- Prepares an action strategy of the Movement;
- Coordinates the work of the clubs;
- Makes other decisions within the limits of its authority;
- The meetings of Executive Board are legitimate if two thirds of the members are present.
- The Executive Board decisions are made by the simple majority of votes.
- The Chairman of the Executive Board meetings is appointed on rotational basis.
6.8. The Executive Director supervises the implementation of decisions taken by Executive Board and reports to it.

7.1 The Clubs within the “OL!” Azerbaijan Youth Movement are organized according to the interest and willingness of the members.
7.2 There is no limit to the number of the clubs.
7.3 The creation of the Club occurs after the decision of Executive Board, with the initiative of at least ten members of the Movement.
7.4 The Clubs can engage in any activities that do not violate the “OL!” Movement’s Statute and principles defined by the Manifest.
7.5 The members who supervise “OL!” Movement’s Clubs are called Coordinators.
7.6 Coordinators are appointed and dismissed by the Executive Board.
7.7 Coordinators are responsible of the Club’s direction and activities.
7.8 Executive Board members cannot be Coordinators.
7.9 Coordinators are required to hold weekly meetings. The Executive Director shall preside as a chairman at this meeting.


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