We believe that to ensure a healthy future, Azerbaijan needs independently thinking, well educated and capable youth. The youth should also carry the responsibility for the future of the state and statehood. By understanding and accepting this responsibility, we have founded “OL!” (“BE!”) Azerbaijan Youth Movement. “OL!” Movement is a movement of the youth who, regardless of their nationality, language, religion and gender, strive for the sustainable and comprehensive development of Azerbaijan.

Our three major principles are:
- Non-violence
- Tolerance
- Modernity

“OL!” Movement is a movement of modern Azerbaijani youth who reject any type of violence and always demonstrate tolerance in their relationships with others.

“OL!” Azerbaijan Youth Movement is a non-political social movement. The major purposes of the “OL!” Movement are the formation of independently thinking responsible youth; the satisfaction of youth’s cultural, scientific and other non-material demands; and the assistance in their education and their realization from a professional standpoint. In order to carry out these purposes “OL!” Movement calls for youth to take a more active part in society’s life and in solving its problems. We believe that the active participation of youth in public life is one of the main conditions for building of democracy and Civil Society.

We want Azerbaijan to be a developed country. As the Youth of Azerbaijan, it is our duty and resolution to do everything we can to contribute to this development. For carrying out our duty and resolution we want the youth to hold to the following as guiding principles:

BE Free!

Free and independently thinking youth is the foundation of a democratic society.
To gain useful life experience, discover our place in society, assert ourselves and build our future independently of anything or anyone, we must be free. For that, we, and only we, should be able to choose our field of study, field of work, profession and people in our lives. If we are afraid to make mistakes while acting freely, we should know that, the mistakes we make and will make can be a big learning experience for us. We should not forget that being “free” does not mean disregarding advice or rejecting support from the others. Being “consciously free” means taking the advice into consideration, making the right decision and acting freely upon it. We want the Azerbaijani youth to be free, without forgetting the responsibility it carries for its actions.

BE Democratic!

In past, we were able to grasp the democratic values and to create the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918. But during 70 years under the totalitarian rule we moved away from these values. In 1991 as a result of our people’s courageous struggle we once again established a democratic republic. Now we call upon the youth to propagate a democratic way of thinking and lifestyle.

BE Just!

For justice to be deserved, it first should be practiced. For justice to be practiced anytime and anywhere, we should have the ability to objectively evaluate events and processes in our society. Only by doing this we can make proper and educated decisions. Let us try to be as just as we can!

BE Tolerant!

Our comprehensive and rapid development as a nation and as a state depends on how tolerant the modern Azerbaijani youth are. We should display tolerant attitude towards anyone - regardless of their nationality, mother tongue, religion, race, sex, age, beliefs, place of birth, financial position, political views or their favorite football team. In our modern society, tolerance should be one of the major attitudes expressed and shared amongst people.

BE active!

Just like in developed countries, Youth in Azerbaijan should be on the frontline of all positive changes and reforms. Social activities must be an inseparable part of our Youth’s life alongside education, work, family and entertainment. We believe that, by taking an active part in social processes Youth will be able to gain invaluable experience that can be used in any field. Social activeness is one of the major factors in the identity evolution of young people.

BE Healthy!

Following a healthy lifestyle is one the major conditions in the development of physically and psychologically fit young people. We invite youth to devote more time to sporting activities in order to stay away from psychological stresses, computer/internet addiction, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

BE Green!

Protecting nature and planting of greenery is our direct responsibility. We should be the ones who conserve nature, not damage it. Ecological problems, especially the pollution of the Caspian Sea, the lack of sustainable development, constant violation of hygiene rules on the streets, trash in public places and spit residue on the ground are issues we are deeply concerned about. Please protect Azerbaijan! Good fatherlands are hard to find! Be Green!

BE Professional!

The formation of professional youth in various fields/areas is essential for Azerbaijan. To ensure the development and growth of professionals that are demanded, we need high levels of education, transparency in universities and at the work place and equal employment opportunities.

BE Modern!

In our society there are some excessively conservative ideas of the past that create obstacles for us to grow. We should separate ourselves from these notions. This is the demand of the time. Time waits for no one and we do not want to be late. The path to stable development should be led by progressive youth who are stepping in tact with the demands of time. We should be the ones who will offer development to our country.

If there is nothing to wait for, then the time has come!


Please find the Russian version of the manifesto here.


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