Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked questions about OL! Youth Movement

1. What does OL! mean?
Please take a look at our manifesto.

2. When and how was OL! created?
OL! Youth Movement was created on February 11th, 2006 by a group of 20 students and recent graduates.

3. How many members do you have?
Right now we have about 200 representatives of active youth in our organization. The majority of them are students, and alumni of the local and foreign universities.

4. Who or what does OL! serve for?
OL! Youth Movement is a completely independent organization. The Movement serves its members and the members serve the interests of Azerbaijani youth.

5. What is the goal of OL!?
OL!’s primary goals are:

- to promote democratic values and way of thinking;
- to educate the society we live in;
- to form future leaders, and at the same time to spread modern and progressive values amongst youth.

6. What is the vision of OL!?
Just as every other country’s citizens, we want to see Azerbaijan developed and powerful. In
our opinion, Azerbaijan’s future depends on integration to international community, spreading democratic values, every person’s freedom and at the same time it depends on the
development of education system. We consider that Azerbaijani youth has to be in the lead of these processes, develop and assist in others’ development.

7. Who is the head of OL!?
OL! is lead by the Executive Board, which is being elected once a year. Executive Board has several divisions among its members. Below are the names of these roles:

- Executive Director
- External Affairs Coordinator
- Communications Coordinator
- Finance Coordinator
- Events Coordinator
- PR Coordinator
- IT Coordinator

There is no person to be called a head of OL! Youth Movement. Each member of OL! is able to suggest an initiative and if it is approved by other members, the person can lead the initiative.

8. Who is OL! being financed by?
OL! Youth Movement is financed by its members’ donations. At the same time OL! may organize its projects with the help of the different local and international donors. We have implemented one project with the finance of the National Endowment for Democracy. All finance procedures of OL! Youth Movement are done in a transparent fashion and the finance reports are being presented to its members.

9. What are the political views of OL! Youth Movement?
OL! Youth Movement is a non-political movement. The organization can not support any political party, political coalition or the politicians. However the movement is aware of every member’s views, and can not impede any member’s opinion to support any political power.

10. What are OL! Youth Movement’s main activities?
From the day of its creation OL! Youth Movement has been organizing below mentioned activities:

- Interactive lectures
- Seminars
- Trainings
- Round tables
- Leadership camps
- Participation in the international events
- Ecological events
- Charity events
- Language and computer courses
- Parties
- Sport competitions

11. What is OL!’s main difference from the other organizations?
The main difference is prioritizing quality, not quantity when selecting the members. Other than that, OL! uses non-traditional ways of promotion. At the same time, the majority of the movement aligns with the social activity, works at the different public, private, non-government and international institutions.

12. What do I have to do to become a member of OL!?
To become a member of OL! you have to accept the principles and goals of OL!, and need to have a recommendation of other OL! members.

13. Why do I have to be OL! member and what can OL! give to me?
The majority of OL! members found likeminded people within the organization . By participating in OL!’s events one can find different views and attitudes on different issues taking place both in our country and abroad. OL! can give its recommendation for your personal development.

14. What do you hope for? What do you want to achieve?
OL! Youth Movement works for the development of youth’s intellectual potential. We believe only talented and intellectual youth can provide bright future of Azerbaijan.

15. Does OL! Youth Movement have a registration?
According to Azerbaijani legislature, a Movement can not be registered. Thus, OL! Youth
Movement doesn’t have a registration.

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